Export Your Project

Ready to publish your app to the App Store or you just want a stand alone app for a device?

First, set the app icon, name, and version number in App Overview. 

  • To edit the app icon, drag in or click on the app icon at the top left of App Overview. 
  • To edit the name and version of the app, click on the pencil icon next to the app name or version number.
  • Once all it finalized, click on the “Publish” icon in the upper right corner. 

The publish window will appear, and you will see a preview of your app icon, app name and version. Add your Organization/Individual name and Bundle ID; once all the information is entered, press "Create New Xcode Project."

Company/Individual Name

If this is your first time exporting, we suggest you to enter your name or the name of your company. We take the name so we can generate a suggested unique Bundle ID for you.

Bundle ID

The Bundle ID is what Apple uses to individually identify apps. Bundle IDs take the form of com.[company/individual name].[app name]. You are free to change it if you need to but once you publish your app to the App Store, you can no longer change the Bundle ID. If you export two apps with different Bundle IDs, they will show up as two different apps on your device. If they have the same Bundle ID, then the newer app will replace the old one.

Navigating Through Your Xcode Project

  • Download Xcode app to your Mac computer
  • Open your Xcode project that Lightwell created for you
  • In the left sidebar select "My Lightwell Project". Then under the Targets select "My Lightwell App".
  • Under the Signing section, select your Team from the dropdown. If there is no team select "Add an Account..." and log in with either your Apple ID or your developer account.

Publishing Your Project to Your Device

  • Connect your device to your computer via USB
  • Select your device as the target (screenshot below)
  • Press the "Play" button to start syncing to your device

Publishing Your Project to the App Store

Lightwell's Xcode project can be submitted directly to the Apple's App Store. 

  • Select "Generic iOS Device" under Build Only Device as your target
  • Find Product at the menu bar > Archive 
  • The Organize window will appear with your Xcode project selected. (If not, find Window at the menu bar > Organize.)
  • Select "Upload To App Store" on the right hand side
  • After confirming your preferences, select Upload 
  • You've just successfully uploaded your app to the App Store—Congrats!

Please contact iTunes Connect for any issues related to the App Store. 

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