Lightwell gives you the power to easily make an additive, reverse, or loop animation. In this article we will go over 3 examples using these features to create complex native animations.

1. Additive Animations

Continuous Compass Loop

Additive animations are animations that will continue to add property changes on top of the changes specified. In this sample, the compass has a rotation of 275 degrees. With the Additive setting on, this means the compass will keep spinning 275 degrees as long as the animation is played.

2. Reverse Animation

Tab Size Options

In this example we can see how we can combine the power logic, animations, and autoreverse to create this size selector for the pizza order.

Animations & Logic set up

3. Loop Animations

Endless Motion

Loading states are a great place to use loading loops. To create this simple loop, we simply make sure the animation resets and loops forever.

4. Grouped Animations

Character Animation 

Combined grouped animations can lead to complex motion design that be a powerful part of your users experience.

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