Importing Sketch Files Into Lightwell

Lightwell allows users to import their designs and mockups from Sketch. This can be done using the import dropdown in the top toolbar in Lightwell:

Clicking Sketch will bring up Finder allowing you to select your Sketch file. Once you've selected your file, Lightwell will begin processing the import from Sketch:

This may take a few moments depending on how large you Sketch project is. When importing from Sketch, Lightwell attempts to recreate the artboards and layer hierarchies as closely as possible.

Preparing Sketch For Import

It's important to note that Lightwell uses the artboards from Sketch to separate the file into various Lightwell screens. When preparing a Sketch file for import, it's important to make sure your layers and hierarchies are contained within an appropriate artboard so that they're most accurately translated into Lightwell.

The artboard sizes in Sketch are important as Lightwell will use those sizes to try and determine screen orientation, and also which device the artboard matches. Keeping that in mind will be useful when preparing Sketch projects for import.

Symbols and layers/elements not contained within specific artboards will also be imported, although they will be grouped into their own screens for direct viewing. Symbols will be used across all screens where appropriate.

Once the import is complete, you can navigate to the screens overview and then select specific screens that have been generated. Any image assets that were used in Sketch should also be accessible through the asset manager.

Any custom fonts that were able to be imported will be available in the typeface dropdown for text layers within the project.

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