The Asset Library automatically organizes all the different assets used across your entire Lightwell project. You can upload new assets, preview existing assets or remove old assets.

File Formats

  • Accepted image formats: png, jpg, svg
  • Accepted audio formats: wav, mp3

Visual Assets

Images - The most common visual assets are images. Visual assets come in two different sizes: iPhone/iPad Non-Retina and iPad Retina.

Retina is a term to describe device screens with a higher pixel density. For example, an iPad Retina and an iPad Non-Retina have screens that are the same width and height. However, the iPad Retina is twice as many pixels wide and twice as many pixels tall.

When uploading an image for a iPad Retina, the optimal image is twice as large as for iPad Non-Retina. An iPhone uses an image that is the exact same size as an iPad Non-Retina.

Audio Assets

Audio assets are for the various music and sound effects to be used in your app. You can use your audio assets in your screens using the Audio action. Like visual assets, audio assets can be shared across multiple screens in your project.

UI Assets

App Icon - App icons are required UI assets in order to publish your project to the app store. 

Simply import a 1024x1024 non-transparent image and Lightwell will convert it to the required app icon sizes. All app icons should be uploaded as squares with the corners. (The App Store will automatically round the corners when you upload your asset.)

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