Importing files from Figma can be done from the top toolbar menu in Lightwell. You're able to perform an import from either the overview screen, or when viewing a specific screen in the editor. The import programmatically determines which import elements should be on their own screen, and creates these screens for you. After clicking the Import button you should should see a dropdown menu with Figma as an import option:

Selecting Figma should show you a popup like this:

To import files from Figma you will need two things, the first is a "Personal Access Token," the second is the file id. To get a personal access token, go to your "Account Settings" page in Figma and select "Create a new personal access token":

Give the new access token a name like "Lightwell Import." At this point it will show you a long string of numbers, dashes, and letters. Copy this token, save it somewhere private, and paste it into the "Figma Access Token" field in Lightwell . If you lose this token, no worries, you can always generate a new one.

Next find the file you would like to import. If you navigate to the file, take a look at the url. It will look something like, "[Random string of characters and numbers]/more specific data". The randomized id immediately after "file" is the file id. Copy this ID into the "Figma File Key" field in Lightwell to import this file. You can also paste the entire URL into the second import field in Lightwell and we will try to figure out the ID for you.

Once you click "Import," Lightwell will begin to build the layer tree from Figma. Note that this may take some time depending on your internet connectivity, and Figma's server availability.

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