Check out this list of images and sprites! Once downloaded, drag them into your layers panel in Lightwell.

Creating Animated Characters 

Mouth sprites

Mouth sprites are a fun and easy way to make your characters come to life. Start by adding a mouth sprite layer and then uploading character dialogue that you can sync to the sprite.

8 images, 128 KB

Eye sprites

Apply these eye sprites to your character layers to create blinking effects in your characters. Great for seeing how sprites work in Lightwell.

6 images, 5 MB

Creating Dynamic Backgrounds

Vector Blocks

Fun, isometric landscape images for the inner Minecrafter in you.

30 images, 60 MB

Letter Blocks

Wonderfully illustrated letters begging to be made into a simple game.

26 images, 20 MB

Pixel Gems

Colorful, pixellated gems. Perfect for all your adventuring needs.

8 images, 128 KB

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