Export Your .LWP Project To Google Drive from Chromebook

Open Lightwell Project

First, open the project in Lightwell that you'd like to export to Google Drive. With your project open, go to the top right corner and you will see a Menu button (three lines). 

Click on the Menu button > File > Export Project

When you export your project in Lightwell, it will save your LWP file in your Downloads folder.

Name Your File > Downloads Folder

Name you LWP file and press Select. This will automatically save your project to your Downloads folder on your Chromebook.

Open Downloads Folder from Dock

Go to your launch dock and open your Downloads folder. From there, you'll see the LWP file that you've exported from Lightwell app.

Drag LWP File to Google Drive

Now, select the LWP file and drag it into the Google Drive folder on the left-hand side.

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