As the teacher, is there a way to check what my students are using in their apps (eg. what pictures, language, etc.)? 

Yes! There are a few ways that teachers can review student content.

Teachers can download Lightwell Previewer on their iPad/iPhone and connect to the student's Mac computer to review their project. Make sure the student's computer is nearby and on the same WiFi network to the teacher while they are working in Lightwell, so that you can connect. 

For Chromebook, the Lightwell Previewer does not work at the moment (but is coming soon).  One school also had students review each other's project during each checkpoint. 

Another way is to have the students present their "work-in-progress" project to the class. This is a great way for students to learn about user experience and get feedback from peers. With structure, students typically shy away from using inappropriate pictures or language.

Here's an example rubric for measuring student app projects.

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