First Class Using Lightwell

Don't worry, we've made this step-by-step tutorial to help you through your first class. 

🔧 If you haven't done so already, please create a seat admin login and password for your students. 

💻 Download Lightwell onto the computers and login with account login and password you've created:

Share this login and password to your students once they open Lightwell. Remember to have your students click on "I Already Have An Account" to login!

Presentation Deck: Lightwell 101

📽Project this deck to your classroom: Lightwell 101 deck

In this deck, it will go through:

  • the interface and Lightwell features
  • remixing their first Lightwell example project
  • creating their first Lightwell project

Depending on how long your class period is, students can create their first Lightwell project at home or in the next class. 

Additional Resources

Share lesson guides and worksheets with your students to learn on their own or go through them together in class. 

Have your students download example projects from both artists and students to see what type of animations and interactions where made. This is a great way to have them see all the possibilities in Lightwell from simple to complex!

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