The Warning System aims to let you know about some of the most common issues with apps, so you can catch and fix them before publishing. Warnings are attached to the layer, interaction, animation, or audio item that has the issue (clicking the row in the warning widget on the top-right of your screen will take you to the item in question).

Where will I see warnings?

From the App Overview: If your scenes contain warnings, a small yellow notification with the number of warnings will appear in the top right corner of your scene's thumbnail.

From the Editor: If your scene contains warnings, you'll see a small yellow notification in the top right of the editor, on the header bar that contains the control buttons. Click on this notification to open a window, which will give you details on each warning. Click on any warning row to see select and view the item in question.

From the Controls: If you've selected an item with one or more warnings, you'll see a small yellow warning symbol and an explanation of the issue under the relevant controls.  

How do I fix the warnings?

"Sprite missing required mouth sprites"

 Add the two required mouth sprites, open and closed, to the sprite by clicking on 'lip sync' in the sprite manager and dragging the appropriate frames to the 'open' and 'closed' boxes.

"The linked asset is invalid"

 The asset you've linked to the layer has become corrupted, or is in a file format Lightwell doesn't support. Double-check the asset you've attached to the layer, and upload a new one if needed.

"There is no linked asset"

 You haven't linked an asset to this image layer. Click on 'No Asset' and add an image from the Asset Manager, or from your computer.

"The asset is too large to be rendered in the previewer"

 The image you've attached to this layer or sprite is larger than 2048 pixels by 2048 pixels. This warning will appear if either the width or height is larger than 2048 pixels, even if the other dimension is within the size limits. Try shrinking your image or adding an image at a lower resolution. 

"Animation is missing affected layers"

The animation has no layers in the 'Affected Layers' section, so nothing will happen if you play it. Select one or more layers from the dropdown to apply your animation to.

"Sprite has no cells"

Your sprite has no cell assets, probably because you accidentally deleted them all from the sprite manager. Simply click 'add keyframe' and add assets from the Asset Manager, or your computer.

"Interaction has no trigger"

The interaction will never run, because no animation, audio action, scene change, or device movement triggers it. Select a trigger from the dropdown in the 'Interaction Setup' section to resolve this warning.

"Interaction has no valid effects"

The interaction won't appear to run because it triggers no animations, audio actions, scene changes, etc. Add some effects in the 'Interaction Setup' section, below where you added a trigger, to see your Interaction. 

"Interaction effect has an invalid URL"

This warning is specific to interactions that trigger URL actions, and will appear if you've entered a malformed URL. Double-check the URL you've entered by pasting it into a browser window, and edit in in Lightwell to the correct URL.

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