Introducing Layers

Layers are one of the main building blocks for creating screens in Lightwell. Each layer can contain only one visual asset (image, text, or shapes) at a time.

Adding Layers

The easiest way to add a layer is to click the "+" icon in the Layers Panel. 

Then select one of 4 options:

  • Image - Select a new image you want to add from your machine
  • Text - Enter what text you want displayed along with the font size and text color
  • Shapes - Select one of our pre-defined shapes to add to your screen
  • From Asset - Select one of the existing assets in Lightwell project to use again.

You can also Drag & Drop an image from finder into the application.

🖼️Helpful tips for setting up your first screen:

  • Be sure to label each image specifically
  • Images can be grouped together
  • Layer at the top will be at the foreground of the screen

Selecting Layers

You can select layers in your Layers Panel by clicking on the layer in the list or on the Canvas.

You can move a selected layer by grabbing and moving it around with the hand. You can also move a layer more precisely by selecting the layer and editing the Position under Layer Controls.

Ordering Layers

To move layers in front of or behind other layers, use the Layers Panel on the left side. Layers at the top of the list are in front of layers at the bottom of the list. You can drag layers in the list to reorder them.

Grouping Layers

Layers can be grouped together for ease of creation. You can edit a group of layers and have the changes apply to each of the individual layers in the group (such as position, scale, ambient motion). An action can also be applied to a layer group to create a complex animation to multiple layers at once.

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