Unable to install Lightwell directly from the Google Play Store application in your Chromebook?

First, check to see if your Chromebook supports Android Apps. It will say "Stable Channel" for supporting Android Apps. 

*️⃣ Devices with a (*) next to them require a one-time file-system migration in order to support Android on these older devices. Follow the steps in this support article.

Do you own your Chromebook? Click here for instructions to install Lightwell from the Google Play app.

Is your Chromebook currently managed by the school IT department? If so, a team admin will need to approve your Chromebook to install applications.

IT Admin Guide to Install Lightwell:

Start in the admin page, admin.google.com:

1️⃣ Navigate to Panels

  1. Navigate to “Device management”

2. Navigate to “Chrome Management”

3. Select “App Management”

4. Change “Chrome Apps” to “Android Apps” from the App Type drop down on the left

2️⃣ Adding Lightwell to the Organization’s Apps

  1. Click the plus icon (bottom right) to add a new app (screenshot above 1.4)
  2. Search for “Lightwell”
  3. Select the Lightwell tile (Look for the fox icon)

4. Click “APPROVE”

5. Approve Lightwell

6. Save settings

3️⃣ Configure Domain

  1. Navigate to “Approved Android Apps” from the Type drop down on the left. (It's under App Type drop down.)

2. Select Lightwell

3. Select User Settings

4. Select the organization you'd like to have access to Lightwell under Orgs

5. Change the “Allow Installation” toggle to on, and save

💡Note: If you want to automatically install Lightwell on all Chromebooks, select "Force Installation" and it will also turn on "Allow Installation."

Once the application has been configured for your domain, the change will start propagating through to the Chromebook’s Play Store. This can take a few minutes, but should still be quick. (FYI: When we went through it, it was about 5 minutes.)

When it’s all set, the Chrombook’s Play Store app should show Lightwell in home page’s grid of apps.

💥If you do not see the same steps on your Google Admin page, Google may have changed the interface. Please use Google's support page or contact us!

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