Mini-Project: New Student School App 🏫

In this project, students will create an app to help a new student navigate through the school and get them to their classroom on time. This worksheet will go more in depth of all the different Lightwell features/functionality. 

We recommend that students complete Mini-Project #1 “Guess Who” before attempting this project. 

👓 Lightwell Features You Will Learn to Use:

  • Grouping Animations / Layers
  • Canvas Elements (alignment, tablet/phone)
  • Layer Properties (sprites, visible hit testing)
  • Animation Properties (multiple affected layers, additive, autoreverse, reset, keyframe adjustment, keyframe handles)
  • Adding Audio / Dialogue (lip sync)
  • Scene Changes / Navigation
  • Previewing (mobile and desktop) 
  • Downloading App Project on Lightwell Previewer (Mac Only)


  • Copy & Paste (layers, animations)
  • Asset Library (reusing assets, retina images, replacing assets)
  • Warning System
  • Import from Photoshop
  • Parallax

The app should include a map of the school, show where the classrooms are on the map, the student’s schedule, and the lunch menu! Separately, there will be a school mascot that will guide the student through the school and schedule. This app should be optimized for both mobile and tablet view.

❗Assets Needed (Download the assets here or make your own):

  • New student’s class schedule
  • Map of school
  • Lunch menu 
  • Mouth Sprites
  • School Mascot
  • School Seal

Project Prompt:

Scene 1️⃣ - Intro
Each app needs to have an opening scene! Give the new student something to be impressed by whenever he/she opens the app. You can do this by creating animations. Be sure to include the name of the school and the school seal!

  • 1 grouped animation (with 2+ animations)
  • 1+ interaction
  • One layer must have ambient motion (Normally, layers with ambient show the user that they need to interact with this layer to go either trigger an effect or navigate to a different scene.)
  • Navigate to next scene - homepage

Scene 2️⃣ - Homepage
This scene will allow the new student to navigate throughout the app - think of this as a menu page! There should be multiple buttons that will lead him/her to get specific information about the schedule, school map, and etc.

  • Introduce school mascot + dialogue
  • Multiple buttons to navigate to each scene

Scene 3️⃣ - Schedule
Show the new student’s schedule. 

  • 2+ animation
  • 1+ interactions
  • 1 dialogue from Mascot
  • 1 navigation button to homepage
  • Bonus: navigation to Scene 4

Scene 4️⃣ - School Map / Location of Classes
Show the school map.

  • 2+ animations
  • 1+ interactions
  • 1 dialogue from Mascot
  • 1 navigation button to homepage
  • Either include a way to see the location of the classes on this scene OR create a new scene with the location of the classes according to the new student’s schedule. 

Scene 5️⃣ - Lunch Menu
Show the lunch menu.

  • 1+ animation
  • 1+ interaction
  • 1 dialogue from Mascot

⚠️ Extra Credit 

Create an Extra Scene - Include a helpful tip!
For example, when is the first homecoming game or where to park their car? 

Download to Lightwell Previewer (For Mac users with iPads/iPhones)
Once you're done with the project, view your project and then download your project to Lightwell Previewer. 

Grading Rubric 💯

Your teacher will review your project to see if you've utilize Lightwell features correctly and if you've followed the project prompt. The app you've built should be fluid and seamless for any new student to understand and use.
Here's an example grading rubric template to use. 

👉 Download this New Student App Project created by a 9th grade student.

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