Free Trial for all Teachers

All teachers can download a free trial of Lightwell to try out and share with your team. All it takes is 15 minutes to check it out.

Education Pricing

Educating pricing is half off professional pricing and can be purchased directly on our website:

Lightwell seat licenses are tied to computer devices. If you want to use Lightwell on one computer, you will need one seat. 1 seat 💺 = 1 computer device 💻

Individual Seat Licenses

If you're looking to use a small handful of seats for teachers or students, you can buy individual seats. 

Each seat is $60 per year and you can purchase them directly on the site here

Classroom License

Classroom licenses are best for an entire class, laptop cart or computer lab, and can be used by an unlimited number of students. A classroom license is $1,200 per year, which works out to be $40 per seat. 

You can purchase class licenses directly on the site here.

School or District License

School licenses can be used for an entire school, campus or district of schools. We offer volume pricing and will work with you on custom pricing per seat. 

Please contact with your school information and we will work with you on a bulk license.

Purchasing Questions

Is the number of licenses equal to the number of people in our domain that can use the software at a given time?

Seat Licenses are tied to a device. If students are using shared devices in a lab or cart setting, you only need to purchase one seat per device. 

Is a specific student restricted to a specific Chromebook?

Students are not restricted to a specific Chromebook. Students can save their Lightwell Project (.LWP files) to Google Drive (or USB, etc.). They can open up their project on any device that has Lightwell installed. This is a similar to opening an Adobe (Photoshop) or Microsoft Office file (Word, Powerpoint, Excel). 

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