Lightwell uses JPEG or PNG image file types. This article will you with finding the best image assets for your project.

Images should be 1136x768 pixels or smaller. 

Sourcing Your Image

Background Images

For background images, a good place to start is Google image search. Since you can use either .jpg or .png images, when searching, you only need to enter in the description of the background you're looking for. 

In my example, I'm looking for a beautiful photo of the Swiss Alps, so I typed in "swiss alps." 

Once you find one that you like you can drag the image onto your Desktop.

If you're sourcing a lot of images for your project, it's helpful to rename your images something identifiable and organize them in a folder on your Desktop.

Character and Prop Images

For characters, props or user interface elements in your scene such as buttons, you want to make sure that your image has a clear background. This means that it must be a .png image. 

In my example, I want a photo of a boat, so I searched for a "boat png" in Google.

Tip: Click the "transparent" tag to help make sure your PNG images have a transparent background.

Another way to make sure your image has a transparent background is to try dragging it onto your Desktop. 

You'll see that the boat image I'm dragging has doesn't have a background on it.

Sizing Your Image

While there are many ways to size your images once you have them, we have found that using the Mac Preview is the easiest.

You can double click on your image to view it in Preview or right click to "Open With" and choose "Preview (default)" in your menu.

Once your image is open in Preview, go to: Menu > Tools > Adjust Size.

Then, change the width and height pixels to a number less than 1136x768 pixels. This will help ensure that the image isn't a large file and your scene loads quickly with multiple images.

Importing Images

Now, onto the best part: importing your images into Lightwell! This is an easy one step drag and drop into your Layers List in your Lightwell scene.

Great! Now you have your sourced images in your Lightwell project. From here, you can make a few touches to the scene like resizing and moving layers!

To read more about how to edit your Layer properties, check out this article on Layers.

Want to find more assets?

Check out the links below to find more visual and audio assets from Lightwell.

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