Congratulations! You have your seats or classroom licenses in hand. Here are the next steps: 

Step 1

Login to your Admin Account Settings page. Here you can create Student Login info for your seats, this will be the email and password that all of your students use to log in to Lightwell.

Step 2

Download the Lightwell desktop software onto all the computers that will be using Lightwell.

REMEMBER: the number of seats purchased is the number of devices that can have access to the software.

Lightwell automatically downloads as a .zip file which unzips to an .app file. However, if you or someone on your IT team requires an alternative way to manage Lightwell installation (such as .pkg or .dmg), please contact and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Step 3

Next, open Lightwell and log in with the Email and Password you created in Step 1.

Step 4

Download Lightwell Previewer from the Apple App Store on your classroom iPads, iPhones or iPod Touches. In the App Store, search for: "Lightwell".

Step 5

Turn WiFi on on both the Mac computers and iOS devices. Open a a project in Lightwell and launch the Lightwell Previewer to make sure they connect over WiFi.

Fantastic! Your classroom is now Lightwell-ready. Happy Creating! 

Note: If you experience any issues, please reach out to In order to help us help you, we typically ask what version of Lightwell you’re running, what kind of Mac you’re on as well as what version of OSX you’re using so it helps to have that information handy.

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