Mini-Project: Guess Who?

In this mini-project, students will create an app project themed “Guess Who I Am.” 

At the end of the project, the app will be presented to the class and students can guess who created the app. The project is structured into two main sections: Content and Usability. Students will need to develop content for their peers and learn how to make their app intuitive for the end user to interact with. 

What will they learn?

Lightwell presents students with the opportunity to ideate, plan, prototype, develop, and launch their own apps. 

This project will familiarize the student with Lightwell’s interface and features. Students will understand how features work together—just like an if-then statement (i.e. “If I do this, then this should happen.”). 

Students will conceptualize user-centered designs and use product development processes to launch their ideas into real-world products. Creating apps in Lightwell will cause them to ask, “How will the user know how to interact with my scene?” and “Is this intuitive? Is there a clear call-to-action?”

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Project Overview

Students will create a short app with three scenes that gives the user hints about who created the app. In each scene, there should be at least one character that can portray who they are (a favorite character like a cartoon or sports star). This character will be what the user interacts with in the scene. 

Project Prompt:

1️⃣ Create 3 scenes:

  • Scene 1: Where you’re from
  • Scene 2: What are your favorite hobbies / foods
  • Scene 3: Where you’re most likely to be found during school
  • Scene 4 (Extra Credit): Where you will be in 10 years

2️⃣ Each scene will have:

  • 2+ animations
  • 1+ interaction
  • 2 scene changes (going forward and back)

3️⃣ Content Notes:

  • Character images
  • Search for “png” images in Google with transparent backgrounds
  • Images should NOT exceed 1136 x 768 pixels (maximum)
  • Image Resizing Tips: Open the image in the Mac Previewer -> Select "Adjust Size" from the "Tools" menu option -> Reduce the image size so that it fits within the scene (any size less than 1136 x 768 pixels) -> Save the changes. 
  • If images are too large, they will affect how long it takes the app to load on the Lightwell Previewer.

Developing Content and User-Flows

Storyboarding will be helpful for students to think about their content and how to tie-in Interactions, Animations and Audio into each scene. 

🤔Questions for students: 

  1. How will a user know how to interact with your character? 
  2. What interaction will the user need to do in order to make the animation start?
  3. Is it possible that the user will skip some interactions/animations? (Note: We want to avoid this, so students will need to have create a clear path for the user to follow.)
  4. How will the user know how to move to the next scene?
  5. How can a user go forward or back to previous scenes?

👉 Download this Guess Who Project created by an 8th grade student. 

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