There are two ways to transition your app from prototype to production with Lightwell.


The app that you create in Lightwell can be uploaded the App Store without writing one line of code by using the publish option on the top right of the window.

Lightwell has a step-by-step tutorial walkthrough for how to publish your app in the App Store when you're ready. 

In order to publish to the App Store, Apple requires you to create an Apple Developer Account and sign up in the Apple Developer Program, which costs $100/year at Apple.


If you're working on a team or would like to customize your app further, you can export the Lightwell components as assets which can be initialized as native iOS objects using our SDK, LightwellKit.

You can integrate all or parts of the layouts and animations you built in Lightwell into your Xcode project. Implementation replaces the multitude of boiler plate code with a few lines of easy to read convenience functions without sacrificing control.

Developers can learn more by checking out the LightwellKit Documentation.

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