Audio is a powerful feature in Actions that allows you to easily create story dialogue, narration, and character lip syncing. 

Audio Types

  • Dialogue
  • Music
  • Sound Effects 

Audio files accepted in Lightwell are .mp3 and .wav.
We recommend that audio assets be under 30 seconds. 

Adding Dialogue to Create Character Lip Syncing

Dialogue plays one at a time, interrupting any currently playing dialogue, and can be linked with a mouth sprite to animate the phonemes timed with the audio. In order to add dialogue, you need to create a mouth sprite layer from the Layers tab.

Character Lip Sync 

Lightwell will automatically lip sync your character’s mouth based on your uploaded audio. In order to do this, you will need to upload mouth sprites as Layers (here are free assets). 

  • Import in Layers the mouth sprite and Lightwell will automatically detect them as sprites. 
  • Select the mouth sprite in the Layers list and you'll see a Sprite Manager below the canvas. 
  • Select Lip Sync and drag the mouth shapes to the Phoneme Mapping list. (Note: Open and Closed phonemes are required for dialogue.)

Click the "+" icon in the Audio Panel then select Dialogue in the New Audio Layer window. You can create dialogue by simply uploading the audio file and transcribing the audio in the Script Text box. 

As you create new Dialogue, select the mouth sprite layer you’ve previously uploaded, upload an audio file (.mp3 or .wav), and add the transcribed audio in the Script Text box. Then click “Calculate Lip Sync” under Dialogue Manager. 

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